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for Parents

Convenient Child Care Solutions


for Parents

Our services are designed to offer you the convenience and peace of mind you deserve.

Movie Minding

Enjoy some child-free time while our professional staff care for your child at the movies. Why not enjoy a meal or do some shopping? Enjoy some “Me Time” or perhaps go to the movies too?

Facilitate your child’s visit to the movie without having to pay for an adult ticket and accompany your child.

Enjoy “Date Night” with your partner or loved ones.

Encourage your child to socialise with other children their age. Children feel empowered by being able to go to the movies on their own.

Creativity Centres

Drop your child off for creative play and learning while you handle errands, shopping, dining, or simply take a break.

No Booking Required: Enjoy the flexibility of spontaneous child care.

Pop-up Creativity Centres: Drop your child off for creative play and learning while you handle errands, shopping, dining, or simply take a break.

Engaging Activities: Our Centres provide children with interactive surfaces, puzzles, games, and more, promoting creativity and gross motor skill development. From vertical Lego boards to felt boards, whiteboards, and blackboards, we encourage hands-on exploration. Puzzles, games, construction activities, and a library of captivating books await, ensuring there’s something to spark every child’s interest.

Your well-being matters to us, and we’re here to support you with reliable child care services that ensure your child’s safety and enjoyment. Take a look at our events calendar to find a Stay’nPlay location that’s close to you.

Parent Testimonials

  • “This was the best opportunity! Thank you for the lovely chance to do some Christmas shopping.”

Pippa, mother of 4 children, Chatswood

  • “This service is amazing. I feel so happy leaving my children knowing that they are safe and so well cared for.”

Claire, mother of 2 children, Pymble

  • “I spent $400 in the shops – much more than I could have done with my children in tow. Thank you Stay’nPlay for the great service you provide.”

Angela, mother of 3 children, Lane Cove

  • “What a great idea when you don’t have family to assist. Lovely to spend time with Hubby. Well done.”

Laura – mother of 2 children, Warriewood

  • “This is a great idea. We travelled from Botany to do this (to Top Ryde).”

Amanda, mother of 3 children, Botany

  • Purchased on Nov 9, 2021

Nany, parent of 3 children, St Ives.

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