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Stay’nPlay has been a dedicated provider of short-term child care services for over 15 years. Our journey began in 2008 when we launched our first Creativity Centres, and since then, we’ve grown into a national presence welcoming hundreds of thousands of children into our centres throughout New South Wales (NSW), Queensland, Victoria, and Western Australia. We believe in providing parents with a well-deserved break and children with memorable moments of fun and learning.

Our Promise

Our promise is to provide leading children’s entertainment and first class child care across Australia.

We are committed to staying up-to-date with the latest trends and activities, continually refreshing our offerings to provide the most popular and engaging experiences for your children.

1. Movie Minding services

Our team of qualified caregivers will keep a watchful eye on your kids at the cinema, so you can savor some child-free moments for shopping or dining.

As our expert staff take care of your child at a kids-only movie, you have the opportunity to savor a meal, go shopping stress-free, or maybe catch a movie of your own!

2. Pop-up Creativity Centres

Enjoy some well-deserved ‘me time’ or handle errands as your child dives into a world of imagination and creativity.

In an age where technology often dominates our daily lives, we take pride in offering good old-fashioned creativity that ignites the imagination, nurtures gross motor skills, and brings sheer excitement to children’s hearts. Our craft portfolios are carefully curated to cater to all ages, ensuring both boys and girls aged 3+ years find joy in our activities.

Our Services

Our Services

3. Stay’nplay IN TOONWORLD

Stay’nPlay is proud to partner with Toonworld, adding their exciting range of services within our Creativity Centres. These includes Cartoon and Animation Workshops, 3D Modelling, Balloon Twisting and Sculpting, Face Painting and an enchanting magic show by Rosanna and Monty The Magical Dragon!


Partner with us to provide a wide range of creative activities for your Kids Club. Stay’nPlay offers a diverse creative and craft portfolio suitable for all occasions and preferences. Whether you prefer parents to join their children in the activity or offer ‘kids-only’ sessions, we have a multitude of exciting options.


Offer the same delightful and engaging creative activities provided in our Creativity Centres from an existing space in your centre. Activate a vacant retail or community space to offer your customers children’s entertainment and care. Contact our team to find out how!

Stay’nPlay is excited to announce our partnership with ToonWorld, offering innovative creative experiences for our guests. Ask us for more details!



  • Our passionate and experienced staff, including teachers, coaches, and child care professionals, are committed to ensuring children’s safety and enjoyment.

  • Our teams follow well developed and refined processes to ensure the safety and enjoyment of everyone that engages with our services.

  • All Stay’nPlay staff members hold current Working with Children Checks.

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Phone: 0424 141412 (+61 if calling from outside Australia)